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Full-Time Police Officer

                    SELECTION PROCESS

JOB VACANCY NOTICES; Posting and                     Advertisement.  Notices of vacant positions,           not including emergency appointments, shall         be posted for fourteen (l4) business days on           the town hall bulletin board. Job vacancy               notices shall be placed in a local newspaper           at least fourteen (14) days prior to the close of        applications.  Notices may also be posted on          the town or department websites or social              media pages.   Advertising should be                      adequate to ensure that a sufficient number          of  qualified applicants apply for available              vacancies. [31.3.1(b)]


i.     Each potential candidate will be provided with an application package.  This package will include the application itself; information containing specifics on the position, which will include the annual rate of pay and benefits; a description of the hiring process (to include: all elements and dates of the selection process, expected duration of the process, policy on reapplication [32.1.4]); and a pre-employment agreement which outlines what is expected of the candidate should he/she be appointed.  Candidates who meet at least the minimum standards may be invited to apply.

ii. Each applicant shall sign all required forms, and the truth of all statements shall be certified by the applicant's signature. All candidates who complete the employment application form accurately and honestly shall be entitled to a fair and equitable review of their qualifications.  Minor application omissions or deficiencies that can be corrected prior to testing or the interview process shall not be grounds for rejection (sworn and civilian applications). [31.3.4]


iii. The components for a selection process are as follows:


  1. Internal performance assessment (current special officers);

  2. Written exam/Assessment Center (optional);

  3. Oral interview;

  4. Experience and education;

  5. Experience related to police work;

  6. Physical Abilities Test (PAT); and

  7. Any other qualifications that have prepared the candidate.


  1. Internal performance assessment

  2. Written exam (optional);

  3. Oral interview;

  4. Experience and education;

  5. Experience related to police work;

  6. Any other qualifications that have prepared the candidate.




A. Generally, the selection committee should be comprised of a minimum of three (3) members.  The committee may include the Chief of Police, member(s) of the Oak Bluffs Superior’s or Patrolman’s unions, and/or one or more members of an outside police agency.  The Board of Selectmen, as well as the Chief of Police, at his/her discretion, may add additional individuals to the selection committee from either inside or outside the Department.

      The selection committee shall conduct                     interviews of candidates. 


             FINAL HIRING LIST

A. The final hiring list will be determined after a review of the qualifying candidates by the selection committee and Chief of Police. Each candidate will be ranked according to performance as compared to the other participants. Following this initial ranking, the candidates will then be assessed by the selection committee in the area of experience and education.  A subject will be given a higher consideration in these two areas based on applicable education, experience related to police work and any other qualifications that have prepared the candidate.


B. The expected duration of the selection process is 30 days.


C. Applicants who fail to qualify shall be notified in writing within 30 days of the completion of the process. [32.1.5]


                 RE-APPLICATION POLICY

A. Candidates who withdraw during the evaluation process may be considered for future positions.

B. Candidates who are screened out for failing to meet minimum qualifications or are medically disqualified may be considered for future positions provided that they meet the minimum qualifications at the time of re-application.

C. Candidates who are rejected for intentional false, misleading, or exaggerated information will not be reconsidered for future positions.

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