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Boat Crew

In 2004 the Town of Oak Bluffs Emergency Management Department acquired a patrol boat purchased with funds received from a Department of Homeland Security Port Security grant which was written by Sergeant George Fisher (Retired) of the Oak Bluffs Police Department and Emergency Management Director Peter Martell (Retired).


The vessel, christened Red White & Blue, is a 40 foot aluminum craft powered by two Yanmar jet propelled diesel engines. The vessel was custom built by Metal Craft Marine Inc. specifically for the Town of Oak Bluffs.


The primary functions of the patrol boat are port security, law enforcement duties, security operations around cruise ships and passenger vessels, firefighting, search and rescue, diving operations and responding to medical emergencies.


The boat crew is comprised of members of the Oak Bluffs Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments. Each member of the boat crew has received specialized training in seamanship and maritime operations. Only trained individuals assigned to the boat crew are authorized to operate the patrol boat.

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