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Animal Control


Contact information:


Oak Bluffs Animal Control 

ACO Kelly Stafford

2 Oak Bluffs Avenue

P.O. Box 1504

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Phone: 508-560-9127

The Oak Bluffs Animal Control Officer can be reached at 508-560-9127 or 508-693-1212. She is responsible for the following ON DUTY calls including domesticated animals that are in distress, causing disturbances or deceased. Any animal related issue that poses a potential public safety hazard. Complaints of animal attacks. Injured or deceased domestic animals. Animal cruelty incidents. Loose or lost dogs.


The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the following OFF DUTY calls including injured or deceased domesticated animals. Calls from the Oak Bluffs Police requesting emergency assistance.

Domestic or wild animals that are causing an immediate health or safety risk to people, domestic animals or livestock. Animal cruelty complaints.

Loose dogs that are restrained by the caller.


Categories of Emergency vs. Non-Emergency calls:

When a complaint involving animals is reported to the communications center or the Oak Bluffs Police Department, Oak Bluffs Police personnel will ascertain if it is an emergency or non-emergency incident.

EMERGENCY CALLS: An animal bite, a mauling of a human in progress, a seriously injured animal, animals attacking each other or animals in the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic that pose an imminent public safety hazard.


NON-EMERGENCY CALLS: A barking dog complaint, a dog running loose, a lost animal, unwanted pets or nuisance complaints.


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